An eBook reader with a multilingual inline dictionary

ERBY eReader at its core is just another ebook reader. However it is specifically tailored for those learning a language, and enables anyone to read foreign books with ease. Simply load a book in the language you are learning and start reading. If you get stuck on a word you don't know, just tap on it and ERBY will fetch you a translation.

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  • Translate words and phrases

    As well an translating single words, ERBY can also translate phrases and whole sentences. Just enter select mode, and then tap the first then last word of the phrase to translate

  • Support for 35 languages

    ERBY supports translating to and from 35 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Indonesian.

  • Browse 33000 free ebooks

    ERBY can download books directly to your phone. You can browse the Project Gutenberg library and search for books by titile, author, subject and language

  • Load your own books

    As well as downloading books from Project Gutenberg, you can also load your own books onto your phone. Simply go to the Load Books page on this site, and follow the instructions.

  • Translation Cache

    All translations are cached permanently for speed and to minimise data usage

  • Free Trial Version

    Download the free trial verison, which is fully fuctional except for the ability to load your own books.